In this video, produced for Constitutional Law Matters’ ‘The role of the judiciary in the UK Constitution’ event, Lady Hale, former President of the UK Supreme Court, explores the judiciary from a legal perspective. She considers the role of Parliament, the rule of law, the role of the higher courts, judicial review and the tension between the Government and the Courts. She also explores the recent Independent Human Rights Act Review and Independent Review of Administrative Law.

Professor Alison Young, an academic lead on the Constitutional Law Matters project, explores balanced constitutionalism. She considers what we mean by judicial activism, why constitutional balance is important in the UK, recent independent reviews, the significance of the two Miller cases and why courts are best placed to determine legal issues.

Professor Anand Menon, Director of UK in a Changing Europe, explores the judiciary from a political perspective. He considers why we trust judges, how they are one of the most trusted professions in the UK and why the composition of the judiciary matters, especially when reflecting on when judges have the right to decide. Why is this important post-Brexit?