The Right Hon Lord David Lloyd-Jones, a Justice of the Supreme Court, introduces the Constitutional Law Matters project at the University of Cambridge Alumni Festival.  

The Constitutional Law Matters project was formally introduced by Lord David Lloyd-Jones at the University of Cambridge Alumni Festival on 27 September 2021 alongside Professor Alison Young and Professor Mark Elliott who are the academic leads on the project within the Faculty of Law. The project promises to be an exciting and stimulating project which will inform and encourage members of the public to think more deeply about current constitutional issues which have an important bearing on life in the UK. A video recording of the event is now available to watch on YouTube

Lord Lloyd-Jones asked Professor Young and Professor Elliott a variety of questions about the project, including why constitutional law matters, why the public should be interested in constitutional law and current trends in our changing constitution. Specific questions, such as concerns about judicial overreach, challenges in relation to devolution and the work of civil servants were also explored. These themes will be at the heart of the project, which will focus on parliament, the judiciary, devolution, and the civil service.  

A number of questions were submitted during the event that could not be answered due to a lack of time. Alison Young and Mark Elliott have recorded a number of short videos providing answers to some of those questions. The videos can be accessed on the Cambridge Law Faculty Constitutional Law Matters playlist on YouTube via the following links:  

For more information about Constitutional Law Matters, please contact the project’s Research Associate, Joanna George, or the project’s Research Assistant, Dora Robinson, via